CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 3/27-4/2

We are through the Open! Congratulations to everyone who participated on another incredible year of testing our fitness. We will be slowing things down a lot this week and next week with lengthy warm ups and lots of skill and technique work to give our bodies a chance to recharge. This is a great opportunity to put some extra effort into mobility and work on bringing the intensity up in every single workout. There is no strength work to slow you down or to save up for so hit every workout as hard and fast as possible. You will still be getting hard workouts in, we are just focusing on that side of things and giving strength work a moment of rest. With that begin said, take your warm ups verbs seriously this week and use them to focus on perfect form and challenging yourself to do variations you might not normally attempt.

getting started right away with a lengthy warm up that will help you build into the movements you will be doing in the workout. Eventually you will take on the triplet for time of a cardio piece, a gymnastics movement, and a weighted movement. Super classic CrossFit all week long.

with the weather finally starting to agree with the season, we will be building into a time trial run for today’s workout. Your warm up will lead you into this and we will finish the day off with some skill work before sending you on your way!

another structured warm up today to help you build into the workout. We will be sliding in a grip work piece between the warm up and the workout today. Challenge yourself to build to harder versions of this work as the sets go on (i.e. don’t get complacent!). You have a little date with the kettle bell for your workout today with a brief break for gymnastics work before heading back to your bell.

sticking to the theme of lengthy warm ups today with some interval based rounds of Cindy. These are not meant to be intense at all so scale the reps and movements back to your ability. The workout is all about intensity and should leave you feeling like you have breathed fire if you go fast enough! Scale your reps and movements to get that sprint like stimulus.

finishing the work week off with a barbell workout. You will be working through 5 rounds of a complex with a fairly heavy weight. Very few people will be able to move through the sets unbroken so consider that when you are deciding on the weight you are using today.

getting outside with some partner fun and strong person work today! We will be playing with objects we do not have an opportunity to use all that often so have some fun with it and don’t be afraid to get a little messy!

Have a fun and fit week!