CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 3.19.18-3.25.18

Week 4 of the Open is almost entirely in the books!! It has been incredible to watch you guys achieve new personal bests with first muscle ups, double unders, and pull ups! You have until  8:00pm on Monday evening to submit your score for 18.4, try not to leave it to the last minute! Workout 18.5 will be released on Thursday at 8:00pm. The final week of the Open will include our 18.6 festivities on Saturday March 24th. If you have not been participating in the Open, you can still come in for this fun community event!

beginning the day with skill work getting upside down. We will be working through lots of different skills and drills before putting them into practice in the workout. Your workout will incorporate your most challenging scale and endurance work.

starting off our Tuesday with high rep strength work. Closing the day out with a couplet with the jump rope and gymnastics. Get in today to practice movements that you may struggle with!

getting the day started with a series of mobility work and core strengthening. We are doing a challenging single arm movement in the workout that will require that mobility to prepare for. This workout will be a longer AMRAP with you and a dumbbell to keep the DB trend going strong.

our final week of casual Thursday! Today will have two pieces, each 10:00 long and both available as an intense workout or an easy shake out day before 18.5

Dave Castro will be sharing his creation with us on Thursday at 8pm

We will have one class available on Saturday morning before running heats of the final open workout and then our fun 18.6 creation.