CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 1/29/18-2/4/18

The Open is nearly upon us and we are prepping with our very own NapTown Smack Down. This in house competition will be on Saturday from 9:00am to 3:00pm at 922 Capitol and is perfect for all skill levels. You can register via your pike13 account. All CrossFit classes will be cancelled on Saturday for the Smack Down!

beginning our day with movement prep before getting into Olympic Weighlifting practice! After a few weeks of breaking the lifts down, we are giving you the opportunity to get heavy today. You will finish the day out with a quick bodyweight workout for open preparation and a little sweat!

starting off with an alternating EMOM skill piece that will test your balance and get you upside down. Closing out the day with a challenging hero workout featuring some classic movements that we will surely see in the Open.

another skill piece to start off your Wednesday getting at your core and shoulder stability. Ending the day with interval work featuring everyone’s favorite, the dumbbell.

Getting more strength work in to start off your Thursday. This will be a similar format to recent weeks but with higher reps, focusing on speed and barbell cycling. Your workout for the day will be a fast, classic CrossFit couplet of box jumps and swings.

closing out the final week of Row’d Royalty!

No Classes. Sign up for the NapTown Smack Down!