CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 12/4/17-12/11/17

We are retesting our one rep maxes this week on Monday (front squat and back squat), Wednesday (deadlift), and Friday (strict press and push press). Look back at your initial test a few weeks ago and come in ready to smash those old maxes! With the open approaching, we will also be sprinkling open-like workouts into classes and getting your gymnastics skill work in now to be ready in the new year!

Front squat and back squat test day. Rowing club started out this Sunday and will continue on Sundays at 10:00am at 922 Capitol through the wintry months. With that in mind and Row’d Royalty coming up in January, we will be finishing the day out with a rowing benchmark to see where your rowing fitness is at right now.

beginning the day out with shoulder prep in the form of upper back activation. We will be working with what I like to call the poor man’s crossover symmetry to prep for the benchmark workout today . There will be two “girls” available to you today and you will choose your lady based on your skill level ¬†expect lots of gymnastics work in both cases!

Deadlift max testing to start the day out! We will finish off the day with a cardio couplet to get the lungs and legs working.

starting the day out with gymnastics skill work and testing. We will finish the day out with another couplet today, this time playing with a workout from the 2017 CrossFit Regionals.

Finishing the week out testing our strict press and push press. After that test, hitting up another benchmark workout with a strict time cap to maintain the stimulus of the workout.

starting our weekend out with accessory work focusing on shoulder stability and mobility. You will finish the day out with a lengthy interval piece that will give you the open feels.

Have a fun and fit week!