CrossFit Weekly Programming Preview : 10/16/17-10/22/17

Your maxes have been tested and it is time to get into the meat of our strength cycle! A lot of work will be percentage based off of those one rep maxes.  If you have entered your maxes into Train Heroic, your percentages will auto populate so you don’t have to worry about doing any math! If you are not signed up for Train Heroic yet and want to get in on the action, visit the TH marketplace and enter the code CFNapTown to join our team.

strength day one for the week working on back squats. You will start the day out with a jump rope pacing piece, move into the back squat strength, and finish out with a quick body weight and jump rope met con.

today will begin with a rotating EMOM full of posterior chain and core strengthening. From there we will move into a hero one of the shorter hero workouts in CrossFit. This workout will test your grip strength, barbell cycling skills, and mental toughness to keep the hands on the barbell on a very light weight.

strength day two of the week. We will be working the same format as Monday with deadlifts today with a focus on form above all else. You will finish out each strength day this week with a max rep set but it has to be max reps with beautiful form first. Your workout today will be a spicy gymnastics couplet with everyone’s favorite 21/15/9 rep scheme.

another longer workout for our Thursday this week. This time with a heavy barbell thrown into the mix. We will take some time in the start of the day drilling the jerk before moving into the practice time in the workout.

day three of strength work and closing out the week with the strict press. You will finish out with another couplet, this time mixing a moderate barbell and a cardio piece. If you like quick workouts that leave the body full of lactic acid, this is your day.

ending our week out with a longer chipper, mixing plyometric pieces with the kettle bell and gymnastics movements.

Have a fun and fit week!