Getting Started with CrossFit

CrossFit NapTown is downtown Indy’s original CrossFit gym. With two CrossFit specific locations and a facility dedicated to Yoga we are a one of a kind program. Our coaching staff has 30+ years of knowledge and over 16 different certifications, including some of the only Level 3 Certified CrossFit trainers in the state of Indiana.  If you are unsure if CrossFit is for you, we would love to meet to in person for a No-Sweat Intro.

We offer a unique and personal way to get started with CrossFit. Our Foundations course consist of 7 individually designed sessions with a coach to help you gain the most in-depth knowledge possible. Over the last six years, we have learned the best and safest way to introduce CrossFit to a potential member is in a detailed personal setting.

7x 45 Minute Sessions
Session 1: Introduction and Initial Baseline
We want to learn more about what drives YOU!
Why are you choosing CrossFit? What are your goals? We want to learn more about you so we can best serve you as a member.

Session 2-5: One on one training through our Foundational Movements.
These sessions will focus directly on all 9 Foundational movements as well as other complementary exercises related to our CrossFit specific programs. You will have the opportunity to pick the brain of your coach in each individual session and work at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Session 6: Take a Regularly scheduled class together.
This session will be coordinated between you and your coach. You will meet for a regularly scheduled CrossFit class and the coach will be by your side to answer any questions you may have. Nervous about the movements or CrossFit lingo? No worries, the coach will be there to help!

Session 7: 60 Day Check-In.
This session will be scheduled after your 6th session and be a time to retake the in-body that you did in your first week with us, reassess your goals, and chat about life.