Bracket Buster 2019

After 2 years, we have decided to bring back one of the most popular CrossFit competitions in Indiana- the NapTown Bracket Buster. 32 teams of 2M/2F will compete after being seeded in a head to head competition, winner advances style (if you lose, you are placed in the losers bracket and have a chance to come back and win it all).

This will be a 2 day event (individuals on Friday, Sept 27 – 64 people in our Skill Buster competition where workouts will be 4 minutes or less and pulled from a hopper: think O.G. Crossfit style where you never know what’s coming your way) and team event on Saturday, Sept 28.

for the NapTown Bracket Buster 2019.

Overhead/Front/Back Squat 135/95
Clean and Jerk/Snatch 135/95
Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups
Bar/Ring Muscle Ups
Handstand Walks
Toes 2 Bar
800m run

Overhead/Front/Back Squat 45/35
Clean and Jerk/Snatch 45/35
Jumping Pull Ups
Push Ups
Bear Crawl
Hanging Knee Raise
800m run

For example, all 4 RX members do not need to have muscle ups, but some of them should be able to.