NAPTOWN DRY CAVEPerson 2020 – 2nd Annual

The Dry Caveman Is Here! ABOUT THE “DRY CAVEMAN” Dry Caveman was created by one of the original CrossFit Affiliates, Diablo CrossFit, based out of Northern California. The annual, voluntary “alcohol abstention competition.” Every New Year until Valentine’s day, many Diablo members pledge to not consume alcohol. It’s a great way to reset from the holidays, lose



  The Dry Caveman Is Here! ABOUT THE “DRY CAVEMAN” Dry Caveman was created by one of the original CrossFit Affiliates, Diablo CrossFit, based out of Northern California. The annual, voluntary “alcohol abstention competition.” Every New Year until Valentine’s day, many Diablo members pledge to not consume alcohol. It’s a great way to reset from the holidays,


The NapTown Red Shirts

The coaching staff at NapTown is committed to offering the most we can to members. We do what we do because it is a calling and a privilege, and because we love to coach. We want our members to succeed and we have dedicated a significant portion of our time and our lives to help


Constantly Varied Strength

If you have been coming to CrossFit classes at NapTown for the last few months, you may have noticed a bit of a shift in the approach to strength work. We have veered away from programmed squat and press cycles and moved towards a conjugate system. Unless you are a pretty big fitness nerd, the


How and When to Accessorize Your Fitness

CrossFitters are known to the outside world as a cult fitness group, complete with a uniform of tight shorts, crop tops, and zero drop shoes. If you’re really drinking the koolaid, then you will find a whole new level of accessories to use in your fitness routine. You can’t forget your knee sleeves, weight belts,


Hand Care 101

“If you feel like you’re going to tear, come down off the rig and change up your scale to keep your hands in tact!” This is a phrase I am constantly yelling out in classes on days chock full of pull ups, toes 2 bar, or muscle ups in an attempt to save someone from


You are Ready RIGHT NOW

The most common response I hear from my family and friends regarding CrossFit is: I’m interested in it, but I need to get fit before I start. It’s too intense for me and I know I’ll get hurt. While I entirely understand and respect their concern, it’s important to know that there is no baseline


WODAPALOOZA Reflections & Why You Should do the Open

I have been immersed in the CrossFit community for over 10 years now. I am not one to be a part of something I am not interested in, this community captured my attention the moment I started and I fall in love with it more and more as the years tick by. Last weekend, I


The Good Old Days

It happened a few months ago. The noontime class at Naptown on Delaware had just finished with a nasty metcon. Everyone was completely exhausted and regaining the strength to rise from their puddles of sweat, put away their gear, and move on. Like a co-ed team of different ages and backgrounds, high fives and sincere “great jobs”


The Business of Fitness: NapTown Edition

We will be instituting a new practice at each location.  We are asking all members to sign in to their Front Desk accounts and accept the Terms and Conditions if you have not already done so. The terms and conditions now include the following section: “OVERAGE CLAUSE: Naptown Fitness reserves the right to charge a


From a Max Snatch to a 5k Run

What do a max snatch and a 5k run have in common? The average person would see very little resemblance between the two and you would mostly be right. What I see is two days that are likely to have a bit lower attendance than usual in a CrossFit gym. CrossFit is constantly varied functional movement


Find a Lifestyle, not a Diet

Let me begin by saying that the following stories are not in any way, shape, or form telling you that macros, paleo, or any other nutrition plan you may choose to follow in your life is evil. They are not trying to scare you away or tell you that you are doing something wrong. They


Masters Level Athlete: We will all be there one day

When Jared and I laid out our business model for NapTown over 5 years ago, we tried to understand the demographics we would be working with in downtown Indy. One demographic we considered was the 40+ year old demographic, a group we knew nothing about as 2 dudes in their twenties. Over the years, our


Handstand Progressions: Phase 2 “so you wanna hold/walk your handstand”

It is time to build upon our first lesson on how to fly (again, technically not flying but CLOSE ENOUGH!). Yogis, SWIFTers, and CrossFitters alike approach us on the regular about improving their handstands and we have prepared a little series to help get you there. There are three phases to this series, each one building upon


Nutrition For Recovery

It is time for us to expand upon our recent article on why the heck you should care about your nutrition. If you are a part of the NapTown Fitness family, then you are an athlete. Even if you have never competed in a formal competition in your entire life, we consider you to be athletes.


Why Should You Care About Nutrition?

Eating is an essential part of life. Food fuels our daily activities, is the focal point of many social gatherings, and surrounds us wherever we turn. It makes sense that we ought to pay it some attention if it is going to take up such a significant role in our lives. As many people are


Scaling Doesn’t Mean You Are Weak

  Scaling, a somewhat taboo topic for some in the arena of physical fitness.  While some athletes are super comfortable with using scales for their appropriate skill levels, others may live in denial about their ability or even what’s best for them.  I’m a technician at heart, so I’ve always been a big fan of scaling


Handstand Progressions: Phase 1 “so you wanna kick up??”

Okay dreamers, it is time to make our dreams a reality. Over the next 3 weeks, we are going to learn how to fly. Or at least as close as we can get to that in the form of handstands! Yogis, SWIFTers, and CrossFitters alike approach us on the regular about improving their handstands and


Lurong Living Nutrition Levels

Should I Take Part in the Lurong Living Summertime Challenge if I Don’t Eat Paleo?   A perfectly valid question, we are glad you asked! The Paleo Diet has with it many positives and negatives, depending on the individual and their particular experience. The great news about this challenge is that it doesn’t require even the


What’s in Your Gym Bag??

When you first walk into a gym, it can be incredibly intimidating. There is a lot to take in and the sweating, shouting, grunting members walking around can only add to one’s discomfort. Eventually, you come to find yourself as one of them and enjoy the chaos that once filled you with uncertainty. But then


Dropping In

I currently travel a fair amount for my full-time job. Keeping my fitness a priority doesn’t take a backseat when I’m on the road so I always make sure to find an affiliate where I can drop in. Back in 2008 when I first started doing CrossFit it was pretty rare to find a box to


Your Life for Time

Managing Your Schedule to Live a Life You Love If you are reading this article, you value yourself enough to be working out. Maybe it is to take care of your children, maybe it is the one hour out of the day that you don’t have to be the boss, or maybe it is the


Comfort in the Uncomfortable

You’ve likely been there before. Smack dab in the middle of a WOD. You’re out of breath. Lungs and muscles are burning. The weight on the bar, pace of your run, speed of your movement feels like it is right before your breaking point. You’re not sure just how much longer you go. In the


5 Stages of a First Open

The 5 Stages of a First Open From the comfort of the front desk at CrossFit NapTown I have seen many a CrossFiter throw caution to the wind and take on the challenge that is The Open. For some reason, I decided I should try it out myself this year. Through this decision, I have


A Journey to Retirement

CrossFitters fall into one of two main categories: the normal ones — who use CrossFit as a way to stay in shape, challenge themselves, and make new friends in a supportive community.  And then there are the crazy people — the ones who eat, sleep, live, breathe, and bleed CrossFit to try to compete at the


Fatherhood and CrossFit

Fatherhood and CrossFit On July 2nd, 2015, my family got a whole lot bigger. I married the love of my life and became a father to an incredible four year-old little girl. Ever since then, it has been a crash course in fatherhood. Now, I have been a CrossFitter for much longer than a father,


Judging and Athleting

Judging and Athleting: Navigating the Waters We hear a lot in CrossFit about Rich Froning, Camille Leblanc, Annie Thorsidottir, all of these incredible humans doing super fit things. What we hear a lot less about is the people on the other side of the stage, the person holding up fingers and dishing out no reps,


Five Reasons Why You are Entering the CrossFit Open

Five Reasons Why You are Entering the CrossFit Open 4-time “Fittest Man on Earth” Rich Froning is doing it. In other words, you’ll be taking part in a massive event that’s bigger than just our box. More than 272,000 athletes from around the globe competed in 2015, ranging in age from 14 to 86 years old. Participants range