Josh F-I’ve been a member since October 2011 and wouldn’t go anywhere else. For years I’ve struggled through more traditional weight lifting methods (doing groups of muscles each day, rotating through them all) and could never break the eventual plateau. My old gym habits would lead me to a point where I could get bored with my daily routine and lose all motivation to continue improving my physical fitness. Since joining Crossfit Naptown, those problems have been alleviated. Not only have I seen tremendous gains in my overall athletic ability, I’ve lost close to 20 lbs and feel better throughout my work day. I helped a friend of mine move just a few weeks ago and couldn’t help but notice that I was capable of doing more to help than I had ever been able to do previously. The coaching staff at Crossfit Naptown will help anyone of any athletic ability. They have a strong desire to review the details and help create a strong supportive community. There have been many mornings when I’ve been unable to believe in myself, but had the other members rally around me and help me finish workouts when I would have ordinarily given up. Long story short, Crossfit Naptown has greatly effected my life and helped push me to become a stronger, healthier me. My weight is down, my self-confidence is up, and my overall demeanor is astronomical. If you doubt it, check it out and see for yourself!

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  • Patrick Swickheimer
    Mar 17, 2012

    I would like to attend a class session on Monday March 19! I’ll probably do the 4:00 PM class. Do I need to show up early to do any paperwork? Thank you.

    Patrick Swickheimer Mar 17, 2012

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