17.2 Intramural Open Recap

Great job on 17.2 NapTown! We saw a lot of firsts this week with bar muscle ups, pull ups and toes 2 bar. It is amazing to see our community step up their game and we hope that this week’s challenges continue to inspire you for the next year to keep improving. Let’s all take a moment to pray to the CrossFit gods that we are done with the dumbbells (I’ll wait…). Thank you for your patience this week and on to the next! Here are just a few highlights from week two:

– we are still going strong on Open participation and actually submitting scores! This is a big deal to me, so keep it up!

– congratulations to these athletes scored for their teams:

1st place males (10 pts): Hudson Wikoff and Jared Byczko
2nd place males (8 pts): Peter Brasovan and Andrew John
3rd place males (6 pts): Jacob Davidson and Alan Prouty
4th place males (4 pts):  Peter Corsaro and Dyer Diehl
5th place males (2 pts): Chase Glassburn and Phil Barszczowski
1st place females (10 pts): Marilee Tullis and Alicia Gooden
2nd place females (8 pts): Caitlin Delk and Megan Glen
3rd place females (6 pts): Jill Albee and Cindy Morse
4th place females (4 pts): Caitlin Byczko and Molly Sollie
5th place females (2 pts): Amanda Griffith and Rachel Barr

– I am splitting week 1’s spirit points in two parts. 3 points for Drunkin’ Donuts  for bringing in donuts and booze on Friday and Sunday to Open Gym for post 17.2 snacks #whyweworkout. I am also giving 2 points to Sour Snatch Kids as they brought in Sour Patch Kids and I saw a lot of team spirit with teammates getting together post workout with their Sour Snatch Teammates (gross use of their name).



1st Place: Drunkin’ Donuts 172 Points

2nd Place: Sour Snatch Kids 150 Points

3rd Place: Three Legged Down Doggers 130 Points

4th Place:  NapTown School of Liftcraft and Wizardry 79 Points

5th Place: Tropic Like it’s Hot 70 Points

NOTE: scores may change slightly as the final count on Judges Course completions come in