16.5 Intramural Scores & Open Recap

Congratulations on the conclusion of this year’s CrossFit Open! Thank you all for coming together to help us put on our very first Intramural Open. We could not be happier with the amount of fun and frivolity that was had amidst incredibly challenging physical tests over the last 5 weeks. People hit PRs left and right, learned new movements, cheered for friends, cheered for strangers, made new friends, talked trash, made funny memes, wore incredible outfits, got fitter, and got happier. That is what the Open is all about. I want to take this post to recap some of the memories from the Open that myself, the staff, and the captains found to be incredible but please chime in on social media with anything we left off that you feel deserves praise!

Week 5 took us through a test that was familiar to many and a whole new exciting experience for some. Whether you did 16.5 back in 2014 or not, it sucked. You may still be struggling to straighten your arms without pain (as I try to teach my dog how to type so I can stop doing this…). Here is a look at the top scorers for teams on 16.5:

1st Place Men: Peter Brasovan and Phil Barszczowski
2nd Place Men: Jared Byczko and Charbel Harb
3rd Place Men: Zack Griffin and Dyer Diehl

1st Place Women: Caitlin Byczko and Kelly Silvey
2nd Place Women: Caitlin Delk and Johanna Shreve
3rd Place Women: Marilee Tullis and Christine Stehman


The calm before the storm.

The calm before the storm.


16.6 was perhaps just as painful for those who attended the cookout on the final Saturday of the Open.

Intramural Open WOD 16.6 (2 male/female pairs):

Female 1: Row 10 Calories then eat 1/2 of a Dancing Donut
Male 1: Row 10 Calories then eat 1/2 of a Dancing Donut
As a pair (after proving the donut to be finished…)
Jump Rope 40 Singles
Run 100M (both partners holding on to half of a band)
Pair 1 tags Pair 2 to begin their half of the chipper.






Here were the final standings on 16.6:

1st place: AMRAPPERS Delight

2nd place: Team Formation

3rd place: Brotato Chips

4th place: Bacon Me Crazy

5th place: Flex Appeal

6th place: Just the Kip


Awards from Coach Jared:

Most Spirited Team: Bacon Me Crazy (duh)

Most Spirited Individual: Kellen Hurst for wearing a bacon costume for every Open workout

Most “Judgey”: Kris Hardy for judging anyone who asked with a smile on her face and doing a dang good job of it every time

Most Valuable Scaled Athlete: Bastian Himmeroeder for scoring 3 out of 5 weeks for his team

Most Valuable Rx’ed Athlete: Caitlin Byczko for scoring as the top rx’ed lady 4 out of 5 weeks and second place in the 5th week

Other Performances Deserving of Praise:

Liam Howley: got his first COUPLE of bar muscle ups in 16.3 and took on 16.1 twice with a great attitude after math was hard the first time and his weight was 10# too light

Melanie Woods: she completed the Open in 2014 and got a score of 26:46. This year, she was nervous to retest the workout but put those fears to rest with a MASSIVE pr of 17:57

Hillary Ward: she began CrossFit at the end of January and signed up for the Open anyways. She learned a new movement almost every week while also wearing incredible outfits as a part of her Bacon Me Crazy spirit

Pregnant Ladies: we had quite a few ladies take on the Open while working out for two. Congratulations to these women: Jennifer Binkley (due any minute ps), Meggie Dials, Leslie Gardner, and Sarah Wikoff.

Kelly Silvey: also brand new to CrossFit, Kelly learned a chest to bar pull up the first week then popped over the bar in week 3 asking, “is this right?” in her first attempt at a bar muscle up. Yes, Kelly, that is correct. She also scored for her team 2 out of 5 weeks.

Rob McConnell: two 1st place finishes in the scaled division as well as helping his team to victory in 16.6

The Captains: thank you to Katie Price, Cailtin Byczko, Andy Miller, Mike Reynolds, Fabian Rodriguez, and Elizabeth Sendelweck for recruiting people to do the Open, for encouraging your teams each week, and doing the behind the scene scoring stuff, thank you for stepping up in a big way!

The NapTown Community: you are the winners of the past 5 weeks. We hope you had fun, made friends, learned a little something about yourself, and are excited to continue to grow as athletes and people in the next year. See you in about 47 weeks CrossFit Open.

Drum Roll Please….

The Final Scores:

6th Place: Flex Appeal 120 Points

5th Place: Just the Kip 143 Points

4th Place: Brotato Chips 146 Points

3rd Place: AMRAPPERs Delight 169 Points

2nd Place: Bacon Me Crazy 191 Points

1st Place: Team Formation 207 Points