16.2 Intramural Scores

Two down and three to go. We are so incredibly proud of everyone’s efforts over the weekend once again! Here are just a few highlights from week two:

– we had a few more people miss out on submitting scores this week but still had over 130 NapTown members submit scores! Congratulations to those who PR’ed their cleans, double unders, or toes-2-bar!

– congratulations to these athletes scored for their teams:

1st place males: Jared Byczko and Nick Niehaus
2nd place males: Peter Brasovan and Ryan Gould
3rd place males: Zack Griffin and Sloane Wright
1st place females: Caitlin Byczko and Jen Binkley
2nd place females: Caitlin Delk and Natasha Clements
3rd place females: Marilee Tullis and Jane McGill

– Bacon Me Crazy crushed the spirit award once again with their patriotic display…can anyone top them in week 3?






1st Place: Team Formation 86 Points

2nd Place: Bacon Me Crazy 79 Points

3rd Place: Just the Kip 67 Points

4th Place: Brotato Chips 65 Points

5th Place: AMRAPPERs Delight 64 Points

6th Place: Flex Appeal 53 Points

NOTE: scores may change slightly as the final count on judging points come in