16.1 Intramural Scores

Congratulations to everyone for competing and surviving week one of the 2016 CrossFit Open! We are so incredibly proud of everyone’s efforts over the weekend, including the hard working staff who were up super early Friday morning marking off floors and getting classes through that chaos. Here are just a few highlights from week one:

– 294,946 scores were submitted across all divisions worldwide, our community contributed 151 of those scores

– congratulations to these athletes scored for their teams:

1st place males: Jared Byczko and Jason Tharp
2nd place males: Zack Griffin and Bastian Himmeroeder
3rd place males: Peter Brasovan and Eric Nolan
1st place females: Caitlin Byczko and Christine Stehman
2nd place females: Rachel Barr and Melanie Woods
3rd place females: Caitlin Delk and Johanna Shreve

– Bacon Me Crazy crushed the spirit award with their SUPER costumes and tasteful decorations #justkeeppunning



– lastly, thank you to the many athletes who did the workout early on Friday morning and came back to judge and cheer in the evening, to the athletes who helped on Saturday at Monon, on Sunday at any location, and even on Monday for those who weren’t able to get it in over the weekend! Our staff is incredibly grateful for all of your help as are all of the athletes who you judged/counted for. With this thank you comes another way to say thanks…our first breaking news of the Intramural Open!


We are adding a new way to score points for your team. Any athlete (coaches on teams are not included in this) will be awarded 1 point for judging 2 to 4 people OUTSIDE of class times and 2 points if they judge 5 or more people OUTSIDE of class times. This means that the person you trade with in classes on Friday does not count towards this total. We are awarding those who volunteer their time outside of the class that they are participating in to help judge others. This resets each week. If you judge 3 people in week 2, then you will earn 1 point for your team. If you judge for 5 people in week 3 you get 2 points for your team. If you judge 0 people in week 4, then you get 0 points for your team that week, etc.

Last but not least…drum roll please…


1st Place: Just the Kip 43 Points

T-2nd Place: Team Formation 42 Points

T-2nd Place: Bacon Me Crazy 42 Points

4th Place: AMRAPPERs Delight 36 Points

5th Place: Brotato Chips 31 Points

6th Place: Flex Appeal 30 Points

NOTE: scores may change slightly as the final count on Judges Course completions come in